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5 Reasons you Want a Realtor when Buying New Construction!

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a brand new home, don’t go it ALONE! Here are 5 reasons to get your realtor involved BEFORE your first appointment.

1. FREE Advice from a Local Expert

Why not get information about the neighborhood, schools, transportation trends, development plans, valuation predictions, and more about the community you are thinking of living in? And yes, it’s all for free. FACT: Fees for your realtor is paid out of the purchase price of your home. Even if you go into a contract without a realtor, you do NOT get this back – the builder keeps the commission. Note: Many builders insist you bring your realtor to the first appointment or they will not receive this commission.

2. Help with Finding a Reputable Builder

Not all builders are the same. With years of experience selling real estate, agents are equipped with feedback on which builders have the best reputation for finishes, upgrades, and offer community amenities. For such a big investment, you’ll want to work with a company you can trust, offers great rates, provides warranties, and resolves issues quickly and efficiently.

Construction Architecture Blueprint Floor Plan

3. Negotiate Prices, Timelines, Lot Premiums, and Upgrades

An experienced realtor will be able to advise and help you to consider when your home will be ready (considering everything that can go wrong like permits and financing issues), layout options, and inspections. Good agents will know where you have room to negotiate. For example, it will be harder to negotiate down on sales prices as this will affect home values for others in the community.

4. Help Reviewing Contract

New construction contracts are VERY different from other sales contracts. Let your agent review before signing to make sure you understand everything including earnest money deposits, deadlines for future payments, and requesting last-minute changes.

5. Financing Tips and Tricks

Most home builders have their preferred lenders and will offer special discounts for using one of them. A realtor can offer you suggestions to ensure you get the best rates and the best offers. Knowledgeable realtors can also tell you about special offers in Northern Virginia for you to discuss with potential lenders. It’s also a good idea to get a new breakdown from at least 3 lenders closer to closing on your new home.

We offer professional real estate services backed by combined sales experience of over 30 years and over $1 Billion in sales in Northern Virginia. We all work full-time to provide exceptional customer service to our clients.

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