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Fairfax County Virginia Housing Market update

Update on the housing market in Fairfax County Virginia

  We  looked at counties located in Fairfax County, Virginia and compared square footage pricing in  zip codes. The data illustrates ALL of Fairfax county and does not separate condo’s from single family homes. The lot sizes have no meaning to the price per square feet in this post , the price is based on the living area of the home and nothing else.

      The average SOLD price per square foot in Fairfax County is $311 per square foot which is up 3% from a year ago.  Lot size, upgrades, age etc. have no bearing on these numbers. To effectively use this method , more information would be needed such as,  style, size, type of home, location, neighborhood and square foot pricing can be useful.

Below is a small sample list of zip codes and the correlating city /area and based on the average for 2017 up to September 2017

The highest priced area in Fairfax County is Arlington

 22213 zip code and the average price per sq. ft is $586

 ◊ Del Ray, 22301 is the second highest at $528                                                                                      

Chantilly comes in at $257 in 20151

Centreville 20120 equals $255  and 20121 $250

The most affordable, 22060 Fort Belvior is $236

There are three zip codes for Vienna:

22180 price per square feet equals $395,

22182 equals 351 and 22181 is at $350

Fairfax County has 49 active residential zip codes that were used

Chart below breaks down $/Sqft by house type

More information on pricing homes based on square footage

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