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Fairfax, VA Real Estate

Real Estate Stats For Fairfax County, VA

Check out May 2018 Statistics

The average price of a home in Fairfax County Virginia was up 4.5% in May 2018 when compared to the same time in 2017. Inventory remains low (see Months supply) and if someone sees a home they want,  they might want to move fast because most likely the home will be sold in less that 30 days ( 27 days : see Avg. Days on Market).

Take a look Below at the easy to read Carts:


Fairfax County, Virginia real estate prices have been on the upward trend since February 2018 when  an the average “Sold” price of a homes was $532,616 and for May the average “Sold” price was $601,674. Take a look at the chart below for the trend.

Quick update on a few cities in Fairfax County based on average “Sold” prices in YTD  :

Chantilly         $481,000

Annandale      $510,000

Fairfax City     $545,461

Lorton              $438,000

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