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First Impressions Boost Home Sales

Calculator picFirst Impressions Still Matter Big Time

So First Impressions matter big time while selling a home, and often times there is no room for a 2nd impression with the online presence of anything. The listing that a REALTOR®  places into the MLS is the most important marketing tool!

  Here is why:

  • Consumers search homes online first
  • The listing is now syndicated to many sources (if not then find a new REALTOR®)
  • Many Buyers are less likely to tour a home online with little, no and/or bad pictures
  • Written descriptions do matter and studies show that consumers are also less likely to tour the home with generic descriptions and misspellings
  • Great lisitngs not only get more looks online but also show the professionalism and care of the Realtor that is listing the home
  • Emotional and power words can make a listing stand out

A home is not sold on the internet but, that is where showings happen. The breakdown of getting prospective buyer’s into homes happens like this:

  • Look at pictures
  • Read the descriptions
  • look at lifestyle which is in the location and community
  • Physically tour the home
  • The numbers game applies to a home selling quicker and for more money
  • Lots of hits online, leads to more showings and that leads to activity
  • Activity breeds activity
  • The more tours leads to more offers and is a good indication that the home is desirable based on all factors (price, product and promotion)

Seems fairly simple. Well it is not. For both the  home buyer and seller this is a large financial investment and maybe more importantly it is emotional. Having emotional intelligence is key. The nursery that is painted pink might be the single best feature of the home in the view of a seller but , a deterrent to the buyer.

As real estate professionals we often find ourselves doing things that a client wants us to do even to their detriment, after all we are employed by our client. As a consumer we must project the importance of the first impression. There is a lot of preparation that must be done prior to a listing becoming a “house for sale” and the above are not just tips, they are the foundation and must be in the marketing plan of the listing.

There are numerous area’s of listing a home that seem small. Caution, little things add up and quickly. Make sure that when selling a home,  make the small items add up to success.



Source: Written under the view point of  Mickey Anthony

Mickey Anthony

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