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Happy Birthday GUS ANTHONY

Happy Birthday  Gus!

We are wishing the best birthday to Gus!

We also thought that today would be a great day to highlight some Gus Factoids

  • Constantine is Gus’s legal name
  • Gus is the Gus in “The Gus Anthony Team”
  • Gus has 4 children
  • Was A Single Dad
  • Married to Mickey Anthony
  • His entire family was  born in Cypress Greece except for  him
  • He is the baby of the family
  • He’s a Great Dad
  • He is only 10 % Greek  and mostly Italian
  • Gus was a great human for 10+ years to Reef, his Chocolate Lab
  • He was Captain Gus of  the 2nd Wind boat at the Lake House
  • He is anxiously awaiting Grand Chilins
His Pride and Joy….His Family!
Gus & Reef
The late Glenn Brenner and Gus

Loves Living On the Edge


Happy Birthday From All Of Your Friends & Family!



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The Gus Anthony Team

The Gus AnthonyTeam is comprised of real estate professionals with varying expertise. We like to exploit each team members' strengths and match skills to positions. Understanding that all people are different allows the team to adapt to situations and work as a group to ensure competency and great service.

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