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New rental scam: Scammers let you go inside homes

Scam Alert

Don’t look at homes without a REALTOR©


I am not the type to buy into “work” with us or you will regret it and this is not what this blog is about. This is about scams and answers to some common Realtor © practices.  New scams pop up all of the time and all of us need to be aware and the article below explains that renters need to be careful.

Our team will NEVER give a code to a consumer to gain access to a home. This should never happen from any Realtor©

We ask for buyer or renter representation form to be signed before we show a home. This is for everyones safety

If a home is on the market and it is only posted on Craigslist, then research the address further

Ask to see a copy of the business card

We are now started to see more people (including Realtors©) asking for copy of drivers license to insure that both parties know who they will be meeting

Eight years ago we interfered a scam where a scammer advertised one of our listings and because The Gus Anthony Team     advertises listings on many portals the potential renter did not give them a deposit and contacted us

New rental scam: Scammers let you go inside homes they don’t own | WJLA

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