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Sellers Beware – Don’t be Fooled by 1% Listing Fee

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about it.  WE’LL LIST YOUR HOME FOR 1%. What you’ll find in the fine print at the very bottom of the last page or may not be talked about at all is that this does not include the Buyer’s agent commission (which can range an additional 2.5 – 3%).


In Virginia, there is no set rate for commissions paid to real estate agents who sell and buy homes. The average falls between 5 – 6% of the sale price and is paid by the Seller. For example, if your home sells for $500,000 then you will pay between $25,000 and $30,000 (average of $27,500) in commission costs. Usually half of this goes to the real estate agent who worked to sell your home and the other half goes to the real estate agent who found the Buyer for your home.


So when companies like Redfin say they will sell your home for 1 – 1.5 %, they are not including the other 2.5 – 3% that you have to pay to the Buyer’s agent. In reality, you will still have to pay between $17,500 and $22,500 (average of $20,000) in commission costs. Additionally, according to the Washington Post, you will also have to pay a minimum listing fee between $3,000 to $5,500. THERE GOES YOUR BIG SAVINGS! And as the adage goes “you get what you pay for”.  The overarching difference between Redfin and full-service agents is the level of SERVICE.


  1. We want to make you a real profit. We offer advice backed by years of experience working in areas all over Northern Virginia. With over $1 Billion in Sales under our belt, we work hard to make money for you. Sometimes, the smallest changes to your home will bring in a better profit for your bottom line. Selling your home as-is means you lose PROFIT. We will steer you in the right direction.
  2. We offer the personal touch and support. We don’t want to be just your agent. We want to use all our resources to get your where you want to be, financially and personally. We are full-time full-service agents who stay in touch with you long after the transaction is over.
  3. We will beat the competition every time. Our commissions are NEGOTIABLE!  So before you make your decision, call and let us tell you what we can do for you. We offer the best service at the best price!


Whether you are looking to downsize or upgrade your home, we will help you find the right neighborhood, consider your commute times, and advice you on how the value of your home may increase or decrease over time. We want to help anyone growing roots in a new home with a wealth of experience in neighborhoods, schools, job markets, and outlook for your community.


If you are thinking of selling your home in 2020 and want more information, please reach out. We offer free advice!

The Gus Anthony Team
Tel: (703) 818-1886

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The Gus Anthony Team

The Gus AnthonyTeam is comprised of real estate professionals with varying expertise. We like to exploit each team members' strengths and match skills to positions. Understanding that all people are different allows the team to adapt to situations and work as a group to ensure competency and great service.

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