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Sold Homes In Fairfax County February 1 to 20, 2017


Market statistics in Fairfax County for February 1 thru 20th,  sold homes  show a great start to Northern Virginia’s housing market in 2017

The Gus Anthony Team often get questions about the housing market Northern Virginia and we pride ourselves as being an Expert Real Estate Resource for our past, current and future clients. So here is a quick snapshot of what has Sold (which means settled contract) so far in February 2017. These statistics are based on research in the MRIS. This also indicates that homes went under contract in most cases within the last 30 -60 days and some longer. So, we are looking at activity close to the beginning of 2017. Since we did not break down the time frame we are assuming that some contracts to close generally take 45-60 days to get to closing and some might be longer.

Single Family Homes
A total of 206 Single Family Homes sold if Fairfax County with an average price of $775,382


Townhouses that settled
A total of 138 Townhouses that sold in Fairfax County with an average price of $440,290


Condos in Fairfax County
A total of 109 Condos that  sold in Fairfax County with an average price of $287,412


In summary there were a total of 543 sold homes in Fairfax County in the first 20 days of February. The market is brisk and things are getting busier. Some zip codes have seen bidding wars happening during contract negotiations, we have experienced that first hand. As a full service real estate team we pride ourselves on creating a home (as listing agent) at its best for sale to go on the market and make sure that the first impressions are top notch. Want more information? We have specialized personnel and Realtors that work from strength and knowledge.

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