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Our Guaranteed Programs

Gus Anthony has been guaranteeing the sale and/or lease of homes for over 13 years. Existing home solutions for new home buyers has been a program in The Gus Anthony Team’s portfolio of services that has benefited both new home buyers and builders’ for years.

For any person that is thinking or purchasing a home, could greatly benefit speaking with a team member about the programs. It is paramount to be armed with an overview of the programs before the home search. The programs are recognized by many builders in Virginia  and The Gus Anthony Team must be the agent on record on the very first visit to a new home community in order to insure acceptance in one of the guaranteed programs. The Gus Anthony Team must represent the buyer.

Overview of Guaranteed Programs

  • Guarantee the sale of an existing home – If home is sold within a pre-determeined time, Gus buys it
  • Guaranteed Lease – Landlord receives monthly rent payments from Gus Anthony Realty
  • Preferred Realtor Program- Discounted fee for the listing of an existing home
  • Investor Program- Purchase a home for a rental and Gus will take care of the lease

Restrictions apply to all programs.

Contact: The Gus Anthony Team for more information